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A Peek into the Windows Phone 7 OS

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Windows Phone 7 OS

Really sometimes difficult to choose which smartphone to get – not only because of hardware specs, but also the OS it uses. One new guaranteeing option worth testing out is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

An expanding tech trend these times is the steady increase of smartphone use, as more and more people discover the value -both business and personal – of frequent connection to the internet and the ability to remain fruitful even on the go.

There are many options to choose from, and one very viable and promising smartphone platform/OS gowns making waves recently is the new Windows Mobile phone 7 OS, released past due last year. A beneficiary of sorts to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, WP7 has been rebuilt from the beginning up and is packed with news designed to make it perform at par (or better in some cases) than your competition.

One major improvement in Windows Phone six is the new consumer interface, which is much more fluid and easy to navigate. Additionally, it allows for more customization and organization according to customer preferences. Another plus for the platform is the generally faster performance, as well as the soft reply of the digital keyboard. The WP7 OPERATING-SYSTEM will also be available in several smartphones, so you need not worry about it being locked to a single device.

A problem with Windows Telephone 7 is the absence of applications at this time, though this is essentially due to the relative newness of the platform. However, reviews of Windows Phone 7 have been largely positive, and more programs are anticipated to become available as the system gains steam in the market.

So if you are in the market for a new touch screen phone, in addition to examining out the standard market leaders such as iPhone, Cell phone, and the Google Android smartphones, you might want to consider giving the Windows Phone 7 a look as well.

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