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Accelerate ERP Implementation with Good Planning

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ERPStories about ERP implementations that take months and even years are enough to make any business owner avoid even thinking about a change.

But in today’s competitive world, most businesses can’t meet customer expectations with a starter accounting system. An ERP system is a requirement to grow.

With smart planning, an ERP implementation doesn’t have to disrupt your business or take months to complete. Especially with cloud and hosting options, ERP can be up and running quickly to provide returns on your investment almost immediately.

Implement in phases

To set the stage for ERP project success, decide on the most important issues and tackle those first. In most systems, you don’t have to implement all the ERP modules at one time. If billing and collections are causing cash flow issues, make Invoicing and Accounts Receivables the first module you bring online. Phase in the rest of the modules as you are ready.

You probably have multiple systems, including Line of Business applications that keep your business running. You don’t have to replace all those systems with an ERP. There are many data integration options that you can investigate with an experienced technology partner. Either as a temporary or permanent solution, there is no reason you can’t design a system that suits you perfectly.

Change management

Make sure your team is ready for the change before you get started. Training and user adoption are usually the most time intensive parts of an ERP implementation. Help employees buy into the change so they won’t avoid training and slow down the project.

Plan to use your own data during training. Employees will understand the new system better if they see familiar terms and names that they can put in context.

Keep employees informed every step of the way. With open communication, you will help employees overcome resistance to change.

The right vendor selection

With clear priorities and change management processes in place, you can find the vendor that best matches your needs. Service partners should propose solutions that directly support your requirements and objectives.

Your customers expect a lot these days. Deliver on the promise with a modern ERP system. You can reap the benefits of an ERP system without disrupting your business.  Let’s talk about your priorities and get started.

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