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Direct Project offers access to secure messaging

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Probably the most asked for features in today’s electronic medical record (EMR) technology is a secure built-in messaging system. This is an important feature and many providers are integrating this feature. One project should make that easier, Direct Job.

When today’s health-care providers exchange information, they’re likely sending paper through the mail or fax.

On the other hand a growing number of patients are asking for electronic communication, mainly email. Many clinics are happy to oblige, however, secure communications is important, because Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging – HIPAA is the standard for safeguarding secure information in the industry.

Yet, currently, many physicians who want to use secure messaging to communicate with patients may have to get a thirdparty vendor’s software for this. This kind of involves an additional service agreement as well as monthly fees. There is an option that your existing vendor just might use.

That option is the Direct Project. Although it is not the only one out there, this is an interesting program. Its concept is simple: In the projects’ own words, “Direct Job specifies a simple, secure, stable, standards-based way for participants to deliver verified, encrypted information straight to known, trusted recipients on the internet. very well

Essentially, each provider has a direct address that she or he can use to send and receive messages. Because these messages are secure, they can be used to send patient information to colleagues who need it for care.

A quantity of existing products already support the Direct Job specifications and allow for the secure delivery of messages. Visit Who’s Encouraging Direct? to see if your vendor is one of them.

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