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Add notes to your Android contacts

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There are a wide variety of reasons the smartphone has become an integral part of any business owner’s daily life.

One of the biggest is that these devices are functional, largely due in part to the multitude of apps available that can help make our lives just a little bit easier. If you have an Android phone, here’s one app that could help you while making calls.

Call Notes is an app for Android that adds notes to the phone interface while you are making a call. When you receive a call the note, which you can attach to the caller’s profile, is shown on the screen under their picture or the call icon. The note can be moved anywhere on the screen and edited during the call if you purchase the Pro version.

Why is this app useful? If you make business calls on your Android device and would like to have some information about the caller on hand, this app could be a good tool. The Pro version also allows users to add a company name and a title which can also help. Being able to create notes while in a call is also useful. For example If the caller says something, or you agree on something and you don’t have any paper handy you can add a note.

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How does it work? You can download either the free or Pro version from Google Play and install it on your phone. To add a note to a contact you:

  1. Open the app and select Edit Note.
  2. Scroll to the contact you would like to add a note to and tap on their name.
  3. Tap on the empty black area and your keyboard should pop up. Enter the note and pressSave.
  4. The note should show up the next time you call/receive a call from that contact.

If you get the pro version, you can enable the editing of messages during a call by opening the app and selecting Settings followed by Buttons. Tap on Edit note button so that the box is ticked and you will be able to edit notes during the call.

Another interesting feature is you can add a button to the note that will enable you to easily access your phone’s calendar during a call. This can be a great help, in that you can easily schedule a meeting while on the call. To add the calendar button to a call note: Open the app and press Settings. Tap on Buttons and select Calendar button from the menu that opens.

This is just one of the numerous functionality based apps that can be added to make your Android phone even more useful. What are your favorite business oriented apps? Let us know. And if you’re looking for more information on how an Android device can be used to improve your job, contact us today.

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