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Attributes of Next-Generation EMRs

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The role of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is shifting: now, any support for next-generation business models, such as patient-centered care is key. As more electronic medical records (EMRs) come onto the market,it’s becoming difficult to choose one that will remain usable well into the future.

Tomorrow’s EMRs will need to be interoperable, scalable, easy to maintain, and offer a user-friendly interface and potential for mobile computing.

One particular EMR, gloEMR from gloStream, can meet these requirements. Below are some of the characteristics EMRs will certainly likely need to have got to truly become successful in the years to arrive – characteristics gloEMR offers.

Interoperability. Microsoft Office provides been around for many years, and annually Microsoft consumes huge amounts of dollars on Office-related r and d. gloEMR is the only EMR with Microsoft Office developed right in, which will make the sharing of info simple.

Scalability. It will not matter how small or perhaps large your practice is definitely: gloEMR’s Microsoft technology can make it simple to create practice-specific themes for routine encounters, with no expensive programming.

Maintainability. Microsoft company technology can be used worldwide and everything IT professionals are familiar with it. gloEMR’s make use of this technology reduces rendering time along with ongoing protection.

Friendliness. gloEMR offers a great user-friendly dashboard, so one particular click is all it will take to find, view and use the most important patient information. Through the dashboard, doctors can monitor patient location from entry to discharge, access and promote daily schedules and calendars, order labs, fill up prescriptions and more. Really completely intuitive.

If most likely worried that you’ll become stranded by an EMR provider that isn’t in the business for the long haul, choose a great EMR provider that helps to protect your investment, just like gloStream.Published with permission from