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Better file organization in Drive

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How to better your file organization in Google Drive

Google DriveIn an effort to modernize systems while saving money, many companies are investing in cloud storage and productivity solutions like Google’s Drive. While Drive is useful, especially because of the integrated productivity apps, it can often be confusing as to how you move files and folders in order to achieve the level of organization you desire.

Here is an easy way to setup a file system on Drive and how to organize it.

Setting up your files
As you know, when you first log in to Drive you will be taken to the My Drive folder. This is where all files, including those created within Drive, will be automatically stored. Pressing the Create button will drop-down a menu allowing you to create a new Document, Spreadsheet, Form, Presentation, Drawing and Folder. When you click on any of these, they will open in a new tab, and you will notice the file appearing in My Drive.

Users who use Drive as the main location to store their documents will likely want to add folders to My Drive in order to keep things organized. Adding files is easy, and can be done by:

  1. Going to your My Drive and clicking on the Create button, followed by Folder.
  2. Giving the folder a name and clicking Create.

The folder should pop-up immediately in My Drive and if you click on the grey arrow beside My Drive on the left-hand menu bar, you should see it under the My Drive folder.

If you want to create a subfolder in the recently created folder, click on it and ensure the folder name is listed below the Search bar. It should say something like My Drive > Folder name. Look for the folder with a + button just above the name and click it. This will add a new folder. You can also click Create followed by Folder.

These folders can be moved just like you do in your desktop, all you have to do is right-click on the folder and select Move to… from the drop down menu. Select where you would like to move the folder to from the window that pops up and click Move. If you have any files within that folder, they will be moved with it as well.

In order to have the best organization possible, it would be a good idea to map out on paper what folders and subfolders you want before creating them, so you know what is needed and can better organize your files.

How to easily organize files
Did you know that you can easily move files created in Drive e.g., Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, etc. from the open file? For example if you have a Document open and realize that it’s in the wrong folder, or would like to move it to another folder, you can move it by:

Ensuring that the file you want to move is open.

  1. Pressing the file icon beside the file name (located at the top of the document).
  2. Selecting the folder you would like to move the file to, and clicking on Move.

This makes it easier to move files without having to leave the tab, and saves time while keeping things organized in an efficient manner. If you are looking to learn more about Google Drive and the related apps, or any other Google product, please contact us today to see how our experts can help you.

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