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Dallas County Judge Confirms October Cybersecurity Attack

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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued a statement on Monday acknowledging a cybersecurity breach that impacted the county’s systems earlier this month. Jenkins stated that on October 19, the county discovered an incident affecting a segment of its environment. Immediate measures were taken to control the situation, and an external cybersecurity firm was enlisted to conduct an inquiry into the breach.

“Our topmost concern is the well-being and protection of our staff, residents, and the broader public we cater to,” stated Jenkins in the release. “We’ve implemented rigorous security measures to shield our systems and information, and we’re working closely with external cybersecurity experts and law enforcement to handle this matter.”

Jenkins mentioned that the investigation is still in progress. No specific information about the scope of the impact has been disclosed, as it may develop further as the investigation progresses.

Jenkins concluded by emphasizing the importance of the trust and credibility they have built with residents and partners, and their commitment to ensuring accuracy in the information they disseminate. He assured that the County will promptly share updates as more information surfaces.

Cybercrime Is an Ongoing Threat for Dallas County

The cyberattack on Dallas County is the most recent security breach affecting local North Texas governments in 2023. Back in early May, the City of Dallas experienced a ransomware attack that severely impacted city operations for an extended period and led to the exposure of information tied to over 30,000 individuals associated with the system.

In late June, the City of Fort Worth disclosed a breach in its own systems, revealing that internal city data had been made public online. In contrast to the attack on the City of Dallas, Fort Worth authorities indicated that the information obtained in their breach was considered “non-sensitive.”

Private Businesses Are Also at Risk for Cybercrime

Notable employers in the North Texas region, including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, have also faced significant cyber assaults this year. These incidents involved the theft of personal information from over 8,000 pilot applicants for the airlines. The breach occurred in April when hackers infiltrated a database managed by a recruiting firm based in Austin.

North Texas businesses owners are urged to have cybersecurity measures in place. Cyberattacks are no longer limited to government agencies and large corporations. No small business is too small to become a victim of a cybercrime. Get in touch with us today to learn how LG Networks, Inc can help shore up your organization’s cybersecurity.