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Upgrade your Windows Server 2012 Standard Easily

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Easily Upgrade your Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard

When user’s small business grows and surpasses the 25 user cap in the new Essentials 2012, Microsoft is for the very first time providing an in-place improvement to Windows Server 2012 Standard.  In the past, you had to work through a more complex solution but according to Microsoft, this new upgrade brings over all of the exceptional Essentials 2012 features—central computer backup, network health notifications, and soon—to Microsoft’s main server. It even provides easy access to the Hyper-V. But still there is one limitation – many Essentials 2012 features like centralized PC backups will be limited to the first 25 users.

Client experience

As for a forward leaning highly advanced product, Windows Server 2012 requires a modern Windows version, either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Users will need to set up the Connector software, and it adds two applications, Launch Pad and the Dashboard, the latter of these is an RDS-technique Remote Application experience. The Launch Pad provides a very handy front-end to key basic server features, while at the same time Dashboard lets users manage the server regardless of remote access.


Windows Server 2012 hits a very sweet spot of the server market while clearly providing an astonishing range of powerful functionality combined with a disarmingly very simple and easy to use interface.  Additionally, those with Windows Server experience, are however, free to plumb the exact depths of Microsoft’s more highly advanced administration tools. This is a complete server solution to any server problem and it’s very easy to set up, configure, use, and addresses the actual needs of the home office and small business clients. Windows Server 2012 is highly recommended.