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Eliminate These 5 Worries with Hosted ERP

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ERPRunning a business is hard enough without having to worry about technology issues that could impact profits and customer service. When you move your business management systems, including ERP, out of the server closet and into secure data centers managed by professionals, you simplify life.

Hosted ERP simplifies business

Hosting is the service provided by ERP resellers and cloud providers to house and manage applications in data centers, providing access through the web or a network connection.  Some of the top reasons that businesses today choose to host their ERP and other business management solutions, include:

  • No need to hire more IT professionals – The market for qualified IT professionals is tight. Trying to recruit and retain technical workers takes time away from revenue-generating activities.
  • Investment in new hardware – Spending money on the latest hardware is probably not the best use of your capital funds. Datacenter costs continue to come down, making hosting more and more financially attractive.
  • Keeping workers productive – When systems go down and your IT guy is nowhere to be found, business comes to a standstill. SLAs (Service Level Agreements) require hosting providers to have contingency plans for almost every scenario.
  • Eliminate the pain of upgrades – An ERP upgrade is a stressful event, no matter how smoothly it goes.  With a hosted solution, backups and testing keep your people focused on work, not the worry of whether the system will be back online soon.
  • Business as usual, even in a disaster – Redundant facilities maintained by your hosting provider keep your business up and running, even when a storm has your competitors locked down. The cost of business interruption has been more than many could handle. Rest easy knowing you can keep the doors open and save precious jobs.

Flexible service options

Service levels offered through the hosting model vary by provider. You can retain ownership of servers or choose to rent. Implementation, upgrade, and training services can be rolled into a monthly payment or paid up front. No other deployment method offers so many choices.

Hosting ERP and other business management systems can help you focus on business instead of technology. Let’s talk about how hosting can eliminate unnecessary worries.

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