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Racket Extortion Scheme

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Racket Extorting Money from Website Owners Revealed

Racket Extorting Money from Webmasters Revealed

A money extortion scheme was revealed just lately by security firm Symantec that warns website owners of the DDoS attack unless of course they pay up.
Secureness firm Symantec recently uncovered a scheme that allegedly attempts to extort funds from website owners and operators to avoid the likelihood of a DDoS strike. The capability of these kinds of extortionists to actually hold out the threat can be still an open issue, and it is more likely that this may just become an empty threat to try to get cash.
The best action against these kind of messages is utilizing screens to block this sort of email from reaching the mailboxes. Yet , it’s ideal to seek the solutions of a specialist to decide the extent of risk, and also to make use of safeguards and response steps should an attack consider place. If you get such messages in the mail, contact us and we all can help.


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