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Fake Antivirus Software Makers Duping More Users

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A hoax to trick users in to installing fake antivirus application harms systems rather than guarding them

Beware: a large email campaign is ongoing to trick users in opening an HTML record attachment that redirects users into a hacked site containing links that added lure victims into filling a fake antivirus computer software package. According to protection firm Sophos, the email-based messages are designed to trick persons into paying out to remove threats by their computer that might not exactly really exist. Once a great user’s system is attacked while using fake antivirus computer software, it offers bogus warning mail messages encouraging them to spend for non-existent threats to be removed. Another risk involves users potentially exposing sensitive financial information including credit card numbers to the hackers.

To steer clear of such threats, users happen to be advised to never wide open suspicious emails, also to sole use legitimate, well-known secureness providers and consultants found in case they suspect some thing wrong with their computers. Working with trust-worthy sellers offers you peace of brain knowing your systems happen to be safe.

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