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Gmail’s amazing keyboard shortcuts

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Learn About the Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts Gmail Has

There are numerous email clients a business can use. One of the more popular is Gmail – Google’s email service. What makes Gmail so popular? It may be the fact that it’s free for personal users, but mainly that it’s easy to use. It’s Gmail’s functions that make it easy to use, including integrated keyboard shortcuts that can help improve your productivity.

Here’s seven of the best Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Before you can use shortcuts however, you need to enable them. This can be done by:

  1. Pressing the cog at the top-right of the Gmail window.
  2. Selecting Settings.
  3. Clicking on General and scrolling down to Keyboard Shortcuts.
  4. Ticking Keyboard Shortcuts on.
  5. Clicking on Save changes at the bottom of the screen.

With an email open

  • F – If you are reading an email and would like to forward it, press ‘F’ and you should jump down to the bottom of the email and be able to enter email addresses to forward the message to.
  • R – If you would like to reply, press ‘R’ and you should be taken to the bottom of the email with the reply option already selected.

Note, you can press Tab to move down a file e.g., move from Address field to the Body where you can type a message. Pressing Shift + Tab will move the cursor up one field e.g., from the Body to the CC/BCC field.

With an email selected

  • ! – From your inbox, you can select an email and press ‘!’. This will mark it as spam, and move it to the Spam folder.
  • # – Selecting an email and hitting ‘#’ will move the email to the trash.
  • Shift + R/U – Selecting an email and hitting ‘Shift + R’ will mark it as read, while ‘Shift + U’ will mark an email as unread.


  • C – From Gmail’s main screen you can hit ‘C’ to begin composing an email. This should open up the Compose email message at the bottom of the window.
  • / – Pressing ‘/’ (slash) will jump your cursor to the Search bar and allow you to search for emails, or content. Pressing Enter will execute the search.

These are seven of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, and should help you increase your productivity, or at least make it easier to navigate. If you are interested in learning more about Gmail, or any of Google’s other products please contact us today.