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Have a good idea? Google can help

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Google can help with a good idea

In a world where more and more first-world countries are slipping into deep recessions, or struggling to dig themselves out of one, an ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality has emerged. The result of this is that many small companies and entrepreneurs are left largely without support, when it is these companies and individuals that will likely be the key to financial stabilization. Google has set out to correct this by launching a new service to help support the little guys.

Google for Entrepreneurs was launched, officially, on September 24. The program’s goal is to provide startups with an easy way to connect with Google, and integrate Google’s products into their ventures.

According to Mary Grove, Head of Global Entrepreneurship Outreach at Google, “Google for Entrepreneurs includes all of our programs and partnerships which aim to support startups around the world. We have more than 50 efforts live in about 30 countries.” To pull this initiative off successfully, Google is focusing on three areas:

  1. Partnering with strong local organizations that support entrepreneurs in their area of operations.
  2. Google-led programs that bring teams and products to entrepreneurs.
  3. Providing relevant tools for entrepreneurs to use to help launch and subsequently scale their business.

Some prominent partners include Startup Weekend, an organization that hosts 54 hour weekend camps where people with ideas come together to work with skilled professionals to brainstorm and develop business ideas. At the end of the weekend, they launch their business. With the launching of Google for Entrepreneurs, Google also announced a new partnership with Women 2.0, a company that plans events and provides support for women with entrepreneurial spirit.

While Google isn’t aiming to develop entrepreneurial specific products at this time, they are teaming up with organizations like Startup America to offer USD$1,000 of AdWords credit to every member who spends USD$1,000 on AdWords. Beyond that, Google will also be hosting Google Product Bootcamps to help fledgling developers get a deeper understanding of how to use the products to help startups.

This service also aims to connect people both online through Google+ Hangouts and offline through a new hub. The first hub is Campus London, a seven story building dedicated to startups. Entrepreneurs and startups have a place to go and work while connecting with other experts, all in the spirit of helping one another with their ideas.

If you have a great startup idea or would like to be a part of these events, go to the Google for Entrepreneurs website, or give us a call. We may be able to help.

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