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Find the best Managed IT and IT Support services in Denton, TX for any size of business.

  • 24 / 7 Denton-based Helpdesk Support
  • Pay-as-you-go and Unlimited Support Plans available
  • Cybersecurity and Malware Protection
Delivering exceptional Managed IT Services to small and medium sized business in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services - IT helpdesk, round-the-clock systems monitoring, cloud backups, IT project management, managed Wi-Fi, and compliance and cybersecurity solutions.
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Denton’s Best IT Support Services

Denton TX is slowly becoming a large city within the DFW Metroplex so much so that it has brought it more traffic from business across the nation relocating themselves to Denton, TX. Denton has recently seen this influx of business and as such has seen a rise in IT service requests

LG Networks Inc. has proudly served Denton TX providing local IT support and MSP Services. We strive to provide all types of business of any size the IT team that they deserve. We work to provide the best quality of IT Support services at a fraction of the price making sure all of your IT needs are met and resolved. We have been able to assist local businesses for over a decade now with services such as, round-the-clock systems monitoring, cloud backups, IT project management, managed Wi-Fi, and compliance and cybersecurity solutions to name a few.

If your current IT provider isn’t working out for you or would like to get a better service at a better price get in contact with us to provide you with a personalized quote, consultation and complimentary risk assessment!

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MSP & IT Services in Denton TX

IT Support Services for Denton Businesses in Texas

LG Networks Inc is a trusted and reputable IT Support and Managed IT service company that services Denton TX. Our techs make sure to cater to each of our clients and are trained to provide a fast, efficient customer service. We provide services such as Virtualization, Managed Services IT Consulting, and IT Outsourcing in our Denton IT Support areas.

LG Networks Managed IT Services includes Virtual CIO, Network and Server Solutions, IT Help Desk Support, Colocation Services, IT Consulting, Data Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery. The benefits of outsourcing your companies IT are greater when we can provide it for a competitive price. This is turn gives our clients the peace of mind knowing they are covered at a fraction of the price they were previously. Find out more about our services available in Denton!

The Tech Team Your Business Can Trust

LG Networks Inc. is leading its competitors partly due to its dedication to the training, and certification of its technicians. We understand that our qualified IT Support team are at the forefront of the customer service experience. That is why we ensure that our tools are some of the best that the IT industry has to offer. This along with our partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, and Lenovo make sure that we can provide our clients the best IT support that any other IT companies cant provide. LG Networks Inc. likes to grow their relationship with their clients and be able to help them with their specific business IT needs in Denton.

Why LG Networks is the Best IT Support in Denton

One-stop Shop IT Support icon

One Stop Shop IT Solutions

We give our clients all of the IT services they will need under one single provider so they don’t have have to deal with different services under different providers.

24/7 Monitoring icon

24/7 Denton IT Support & Managed IT

We provide 24/7 round the clock support for all of our clients. This provides the peace of mind knowing that if there is any IT Support issues that may arise

EAP icon

Remote & On-Site Technicians

Our remote and onsite service options cover all of a businesses IT neccessities and works to their benefit. Remote services allows technicians to resolve an issue quickly and at ease while on site technicians provide support for physical hardware and software issues.

Flexible Spending Account icon

Simple, Flat Fee Services

Our simple and one flat fee provides our clients with a consistent and no surprise or additional fees at a monthly rate.

Competitive Salaries icon

Instant Growth for Your Business

We provide instant growth once you sign with us. You’ll immediately get access to a team of expert technicians.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) icon

Complimentary Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity has become an important topic for businesses in recent times. So why risk it? Let LG Networks help you keep it secure!

Highly-Rated Denton IT Services

  • IT Support – We do everything a full-time, in-house IT employee would do for less.
  • Managed IT – We provide around the clock monitoring, maintenance, and patching.
  • Cyber Security – Most businesses that become victims of malware do not recover. Protect your IT investments with cybersecurity services by LG Networks, Inc.
  • Network Security – Protect everything you’ve worked for – We make sure your data and network are secure.
  • Disaster Recovery – Get your business back on its feet in the event of a disaster with cloud-managed backups.
  • Tech Support – Grand Prairie-based technicians available over the phone and online 24/7 including nights, weekends, and holidays.
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Discover why so many businesses are turning to LG Networks for the best and brightest in IT support.