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Management software up to par?

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Is your practice management software up to the job?

Practice management software runs the business side of a health-care practice, which may include everything from scheduling appointments, through billing insurers and patients, all the way up to generating reports for analysis.

Because the software is so inclusive, selecting the right system is essential—and it isn’t the physician’s job, as is often the case with an electronic medical record (EMR). The task belongs to the office or IT manager in health-care practice.

gloStream’s gloComplete is one such system. A full-service practice management offering, it will help you ensure that you are scheduling, billing and collecting at the highest levels possible—meaning that you are earning more revenue with fewer administrative hassles.

gloComplete will also help you gain important insight into your practice. It offers in-depth reporting and analytics that show accounts receivable status, payer mix, payment processing activity, and other key performance indicators. This insight will help you make more informed business decisions.

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