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Google WalletMobile and Online Payments Now Made Easy with Google Wallet

Google is testing the seas of the electronic pocket with retail and on the web shopping industries by presenting a new service referred to as Google Wallet. Google Pocket allows users to generate buys and earn loyalty factors and coupons – most from a single smart phone.

Smartphone technology has produced by leaps and range these past few years, and having a mobile phone today is almost synonymous to being online all the time. Software giant Google has decided to make use of this phenomenon with a new service called “Google Wallet”, which permits users to make purchases and payments from their touch screen phones.

Partnering with Mastercard, Macy’s, Subway, American Eagle, Citibank, and Sprint, Google ensures users that their e-wallet service is safe. The service requires that touch screen phones have a special nick that allows you merely “tap” or “swipe” the phone at participating retailers to pay for products or services. When you swipe your smartphone’s e-wallet, you also earn discount coupons and points for benefits.

The technology is likewise designed in order that the end user can turn the computer chip off when Google Pocket is not being employed, rendering it safe from cyber criminals. In the event the smartphone is misplaced, your data can even be wiped slightly.

An identical system to Google Wallet has been detailed in some countries which includes Japan for some period now, nevertheless use can be limited to only selected areas and stores presently there.

Even though the concept of Google Wallet has great probable, there are still a lot of limitations to the program as Google continues to look for more companions for the enterprise prior to its official launch, which in turn is slated for in a month or two.

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