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Paper is Safer? Depends Whom You Ask

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Electronic or Paper

Is Paper is Safer? Depends on Who You Ask

Electronic therapeutic records (EMRs) are more secure than their paper alternatives, according into a brand-new survey of physicians–but a similar survey of individuals didn’t get the same response. They think newspaper is still safer, which will means some education is at order.

The survey, which has been conducted by GfK Roper on behalf of Practice Fusion, asked patients and medical professionals the way they look at EMR safety versus newspaper chart safety.

Fifty-four percent of physicians answered that EMRs are safer, with just 18 percent choosing paper as the more secure option. Patient views, nevertheless, differed: Forty-seven percent of them said paper can be safer, with 39 percent selecting EMRs as the safer option.

Also interesting is why physicians and patient responded the method they did think regarding paper records. Of doctors who believe paper is definitely the safer option, 36 percent said paper is even more secure because it is definitely less likely to become hacked or lost. Of patients who believe newspaper is definitely the safer option, fifty nine percent said paper information will be more private than EMRs, permitting more control more than who sees them.

Strangely enough, of the patients who have said EMRs are more secure, 77 percent said the greatest benefit for EMRs more than paper records is becoming in a position to access records once needed.

Exactly what does it suggest? The medical community is definitely rejecting paper charts and embracing technology, says Practice Fusion–and that’s simple to appreciate if you’re a rehearsing physician who has any kind of experience with an EMR. But it’s also simple to understand patient concerns, which will means more education regarding why EMRs are less dangerous than paper charts can be necessary.

Published with authorization from TechAdvisory. org.