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Practice management for medical professionals

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Medical Professional Practice Management

As a busy medical professional, you probably struggle to manage the business. If so, you may want to consider a practice management software, which simplifies scheduling, billing, and creating practice reports – and gloStream offers just such a solution.

gloStream – which offers one of the industry’s most advanced and stable electronic medical records (EMRs) – now offers gloPM, a powerful yet easy-to-learn and use practice management system.

gloPM is built on Microsoft technology and embedded with Microsoft Office, meaning it has a familiar look and feel. That makes true practice management easier than it’s ever been before.

How can you benefit from gloPM? It offers one-click access to patient’s referring physician, insurance eligibility, appointment schedule, and payment status. It streamlines billing and claims processing. It integrates insurance claims scrubbing with real-time error reconciliation. And it offers analytic reporting for practice management improvement.

Doctors all over the country are experiencing gains in productivity by using gloPM; contact us today if you’d like to learn how you can as well.

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