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Preventing Diagnostic Errors—with gloEMR

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Diagnostic Errors Can be Prevented with gloEMR

Medical doctors assume that stopping diagnostic mistakes can be aided with technology, according to a recent study – although technology will not replace the physician’s role in medical diagnosis. That’s why combining technology with usability is really significant when choosing an electric medical record (EMR).

The 6, 400-clinician study carried out by QuantiaMD, a mobile phone and online physician community, found that 47 percent of physicians surveyed face diagnostic errors at least monthly, 10 percent of which have directly come in patient harm. However, those diagnostic errors happen to be preventable at least a few of the time, according to ninety six percent of responding doctors.

Around 75 percent of physicians feel that decision-support tools will help to prevent diagnostic errors in the future – nevertheless they are never able to exchange the physician’s role in diagnosis. Put simply, efforts to prevent diagnostic errors need to strike a balance among the art of analysis and technology.

One approach to accomplish that is definitely an EMR that gives a high amount of usability, many of these as gloStream’s EMR, gloEMR. gloEMR is built upon Microsoft technology such while Microsoft Word, which would make it very simple to employ and facilitates interoperability throughout solutions. It also features an user-friendly dashboard.

Additionally, gloStream is the just EMR company which offers a 15-Day money-back guarantee. In the event you can’t get you back to full sufferer load within 15 medical center times of implementing gloEMR, gloStream will give you a total refund for all gloStream software and services.

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