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Record Meetings with Microsoft Lync Online

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Microsoft Lync Online

Meetings can be Recorded with Microsoft Lync Online

Online meetings and calls are a great way to have conferences, conference calls, or virtually any sort of communication without the need for all members to be in the same office or position. The only problem with these programs is that if the meeting needs to be recorded it may be hard, or even impossible, to accomplish.

Microsoft Lync Online, a thing of Microsoft Office 365, has recently introduced a solution for this problem. Users can now record gatherings including all related audio tracks, visual, presentations, plus more related to the meeting just as well as call.

Documenting can be started during any meeting by pressing the more options (> > ) button and selecting the red Begin Recording button. Recording handles will be at the bottom of the windowpane. Once the recording features finished, it will get saved, unless changed, to C: /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Lync Recordings.

With two clicks of a mouse, users can record valuable gatherings and easily access these people at a later period reference or revision. To learn more on Microsoft Lync On the internet and Office 365, please e mail us.

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