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Should You Consider AWS Migration in 2020?

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Discover Why Businesses are Choosing to Move to AWS.

The undisputed leader in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest, fastest growing, and most comprehensive cloud platform in the world. With millions of users ranging from large enterprises to small startups, it is the leader in cloud innovation. Always evolving and ever expanding, it is the #1 choice for reliable, secure services.

What Are the Benefits of Migrating To AWS?

  • Premium Cloud Services with Cutting Edge Products:

    Use powerful, global tools via the AWS cloud that cover a vast array of services like computing, storage, database management, analytics, development and management tools, networking and more to improve productivity in your organization.

  • Fast Technology at Fast Paces:

    Work with cutting edge technologies ranging from network and development tools to VR using over 175 full feature services, with new ones being developed all the time.

  • Adjustable Scaling for Adjustable Needs:

    Configure usage based on how much, or how little data and computing you need on the fly with unparalleled, flexible scalability that means you never have to worry about data usage.

  • Storage Solutions to Protect Your Data:

    Store and backup your data with a variety of scalable methods. Whether you need general file storage, or deep archival service, you can ensure your company’s information is secure, and easily accessible.

  • Work Can Come to You:

    Access data off-site and connect to your virtual office from anywhere so long as you have access to a device with an internet connection, letting you work from home, on the go, or wherever your work takes you.

  • Cut down on IT Costs:

    Pricing based on services used so that you pay only for what you need and what services you are using without the addition of long-term contracts or having to manage complicated licenses.

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AWS is Designed for the Future of the Way We Work.

Designing with the future in mind, Amazon has created a constantly evolving platform that looks to be on the forefront of cloud services. Updates to existing tools, and the addition of new ones ensures that you are never behind the times on your content delivery, data management and computing needs. Providing various service suites to help manage and streamline enterprise operations, AWS seeks to become an integral part of businesses regardless of size or type.

Advanced Security and Data Encryption

With a core architecture built from its foundation outwards to maximize a safe computing environment, AWS provides unmatched cloud security. Utilize a deep set of customizable, up-to-date safety tools to keep your data secure with over 200 compliance, governance, and security features designed to satisfy the requirements of highly sensitive organizations including global banks and military. Our AWS Experts can assist in ensuring your sensitive data is protected

High Availability No Matter Where You Are

Take advantage of a global infrastructure that is set to expand even further over time. AWS provides low latency cloud support that allows you to access your data and applications no matter where you are. Coupled with low down time hours, and the ability to partition applications across multiple availability zones, you never have to worry about performance or interruptions.

Customizable Use

Whether you’re looking to integrate into a hybrid cloud architecture or completely migrate your business’ operations over to the cloud, AWS provides the tools and compatibility you want to achieve database satisfaction. You can even setup a Windows environment to allow users to access Microsoft 365 business productivity applications.

A Network to Promote Business Solutions

With millions of active customers across virtually every industry and of every size, AWS has been built and adjusted to promote success on their platform. With tools like AWS Test Drive to try out preconfigured workloads that include manuals and labs, as well as other e-learning courses, you and your IT specialists can better prepare and understand which services are right for you.

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