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Switch to Windows Phone made easier

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Switch to Windows PhoneSwitching to the Windows Phone just got Easier

To many smartphone owners, there are really only two systems: Android and Apple. But there’s another system that is slowly gaining ground: Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Phones that run the Windows Phone operating system offer a solid system that conveniently links with other Windows systems. Because of this, business owners and managers are becoming increasingly interested in moving over to this system. To aid them, Microsoft has recently released an app for Android that makes this transition easier.

If you have an Android phone and want to move over to a Windows Phone, Microsoft has recently released an app that can help. “Switch to Windows Phone”, available on the Google Play store, is an app that scans your device for installed apps and then links them to your Microsoft Account. It will also tell you how many ‘matched apps’ are available for the Windows Phone.

Matched apps are either the Windows Phone version, or a similar app that has the same functionality. It is highly likely that you will see more than 70% of your Android apps available on the Windows Phone Store.

After you have matched your apps on the Android device, you can then download the companion app from the Windows Phone Store, log in to your phone using the same Microsoft Account and the app will show you the available apps and allow you to tap on them to install them.

If you have synced your contacts, email and calendar with a Google Account on your Android, you can also log into this on your Windows Phone and the three should sync automatically. This means that switching is technically as simple as signing into two accounts on your Windows Phone.

Looking to switch? Download the free Android app from Google Play here. You can find the free companion app on the Windows Phone Store here. Check back next month for an in-depth look at how to switch to a Windows Phone from another system. If you are considering switching, or would like to learn more about how a smartphone can help make business easier, contact us today.

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