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Think globally, compete locally with ERP

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The internet puts pressure on small and mid-size businesses to maintain customer service levels that compete with companies like Amazon and Zappos. While it is impossible for you to set up the infrastructure that large companies can afford, you can still learn lessons from the global leaders. It may not be as hard to keep up with the big guys as you think.

Most customers like to support their community and do business with local companies. Many of today’s ERP systems incorporate best practices based on global industry standards.

When you upgrade your systems to a fully integrated ERP, you and your customers will reap the benefits with:

  • Expanded e-commerce options. Connect your website directly to your financial management and supply chain systems. With integrated ERP, your customers can see what you have in stock and how long it will take to ship it. With systems that securely accept their payment online, you can build a healthy internet business.
  • Targeted marketing. With an integrated CRM/ERP system, you can identify which customers buy certain products and offer promotions that build their business. When you can analyze customer purchase history, you can even predict (or suggest) what products and services they will buy next.
  • Deliver on expectations. With full insight into your inventory, you can promise delivery with full confidence. When you know exactly what you have in the warehouse, you can fulfill those special orders faster.
  • The right answer every time. With an integrated ERP system, you don’t have to track down a spreadsheet and hope that it is up to date just to answer a customer’s question. Customers don’t like guesses and they don’t like getting a different answer every time they call. Keep it straight and keep it simple with ERP.

You can compete with the big guys. Keep your local customers happy with a global ERP system that delivers the information that you need to be professional and competitive. Let’s keep your business growing, give us a call.

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