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Time is Running Out for Meaningful Use

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You’re Running Out of Time

If you implemented an electronic medical record (EMR) in 2011, you’ll need to start your meaningful use process by July in order to get their attestation done in time. Don’t worry, gloStream can help, thanks to gloEMR and its innovative implementation process, gloDNA.

As you probably know by now, healthcare practitioners can earn federal incentives of up to $63,750 for meaningfully using a certified EMR.

To be a meaningful user of a EMR, you’ll need to meet 20 of 25 possible criteria. Some criteria are simple (such as recording demographic data), and some are complex (such as distributing clinical summaries to all patients you see).

The deadline to show compliance for 2012 is October 3, 2012, but it’s trickier than stating a date. That’s because in order to earn your incentives, you’ll have to comply with these meaningful use criteria for 90 days in the initial incentive payment year. So, if you started in 2012, you have to start 90 days prior to October 3, or the beginning of July.

Because you likely need some time to get your EMR set up and begin meeting the meaningful use criteria, you’ll probably want to start thinking about this now.

At gloStream, our EMR, gloEMR, comes with an innovative implementation process called gloDNA, which stands for “gloStream Detailed Needs Analysis.”  During this process we gather information to help us create an ideal EMR solution you. It’s so proven, we offer a 15-day success guarantee. If we can’t get your practice back to full patient load within 15 days of your glo-live date, we’ll refund gloStream software and services.

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