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Unsend Emails Sent Using Gmail

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Gmail featuresThe Secret Way to Unsend Emails Using Gmail

Have you ever click send on an email and then immediately regretted sending it? If you are using Gmail email address as your mail client to send a message, you can do just that with an interesting but buried send feature option in Gmail email accounts settings.

To enable this feature, go to Mail Settings in Gmail (upper right corner, under the gear icon) in your web browser or in the Gmail app. Navigate to the “Labs” tab. In the labs search box, look for “Undo Send” and choose Enable, then save. Now in Mail Settings you will see an option to “Undo Send: Send cancellation period: __ seconds.” Enter the number of seconds that Gmail will allow you to change your mind in the future (try 10 seconds) when you send to a recipient email.

With this enabled, the next time you send an email, you’ll be able to “Cancel” it from being sent out, as long as it is within the time frame you specified.

Other things you can do in Gmail include recall an email, cc or bcc, unsend gmail, enable undo send, google workspace, and more.

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