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View links with SwiftPreview for Chrome

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How to View Links with SwiftPreview for Chrome

The Internet browser is an incredibly useful program that makes up part of the modern day computer, it allows us to connect to the Web, and is the gateway to the rest of the world. One of the most popular browsers is Google Chrome, available for nearly every OS, including mobiles. One of the best things about Chrome is that you can add extensions that make browsing the Web even better.

There’s a great extension for Chrome that allows you to preview links on websites before you click on them. The extension is called SwiftPreview and is great if you’re busy and only want to glimpse links, or are unsure of where links will take you.

With the extension installed, you can hover over a link and SwiftPreview will show you a preview of the page the link promises take you to. The preview shows up in a little box that can be customized to meet your browsing requirements.

To install SwiftPreview, open Chrome and click Chrome Web Store, or navigate to the Chrome Web Store by clicking this link. Click the white box that says Search the store and type in SwiftPreview. Press the blue box that says + ADD TO CHROME followed by Add from the pop-up window that opens.

The installation should take only a few seconds, and after it’s installed, a new tab will open that allows you to customize the size of the pop-up window and scaling. You can also set previews to only show up if you press Shift, ideal for those who don’t want a window popping up whenever they move the mouse over a link.

You’ll also notice that there’s an aqua blue speech bubble beside the address bar, located at the top of the screen, below the tabs. If you press this, it will turn red, indicating SwiftPreview has been turned off. If you’d like to change the configuration of the preview window, simply right-click on the speech bubble and select Options. To remove it, select Remove from Chrome.

There are tons of great extensions in the Chrome Store, and it’s worth it exploring a little. If you’d like to learn more about Chrome and its extensions, please contact us.

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