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What is SkyDrive Pro?

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Skydrive ProA common tech topic of the past couple of years is cloud storage. Many of the major tech companies, like Google and Microsoft, have their own cloud storage platforms. The 2013 version of Microsoft’s cloud based productivity platform, Office 365, has a new cloud storage app called SkyDrive Pro. If you have updated to Office 365 2013, you have access to this, but do you know what it really is?

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s online cloud storage service. Users can create, edit, share and store all manner of documents, including those from the various Office programs. SkyDrive Pro is the business oriented version of SkyDrive.

According to Microsoft, “SkyDrive Pro is your professional library – the place to keep your work documents and other files.” Using either your company’s SharePoint server or SharePoint Online, your files are synced and stored in the cloud. This enables you to easily share them with colleagues, access them from mobile devices, and work on files offline.

Your files are stored in what Microsoft calls a Library. Think of this as a virtual hard drive. You can add files and folders in the same way you can with a normal hard drive, only they are online instead. You can access this by logging into Office 365 using your browser and clicking on SkyDrive (in some sites SkyDrive Pro is referred to as SkyDrive and clicking on this will take you to SkyDrive Pro).

How to set up desktop syncing with SkyDrive Pro

One feature of SkyDrive Pro is that it allows you to sync files from your desktop to the cloud, for easier access. If you have a version of Office 365 installed that includes Office 2013, you should already have access to SharePoint Pro. In fact, it should already be installed on your computer.

Before you try to set up desktop syncing, it is a good idea to check with your system administrator to ensure that SkyDrive Pro syncing has been enabled and downloaded. Then, you can set up syncing by:

  1. Clicking on Start and searching for SkyDrive Pro. It should be found in the Office 365 folder.
  2. Launching the desktop app. You should see a window pop-up asking which Library you would like to sync. Don’t enter anything unless your IT partner has provided you with a specific IP address.
  3. Opening Office 365’s Web portal on your browser and clicking on SkyDrive.
  4. Clicking Sync in the top-right of the Office 365 window in your browser.
  5. Selecting which library you would like to sync with your desktop and clicking Sync Now.

The PC based application you opened in step two above should automatically start syncing. It may ask you to log into Office 365, and after you do so, you should be able to access your online Library from your desktop.

By default, the Library will be placed in your Favorites folder which can be accessed by opening any folder and looking to the left, under Favorites. Saving files into the SkyDrive Pro folder should upload and sync them to your account.

If you would like to learn more about using SkyDrive Pro or any Office 365 program please contact us today.

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