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Why gloEMR has the best usability

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So why gloEMR has the ideal functionality

Now that functionality testing is part of the electronic medical record (EMR) qualification requirements pertaining to meaningful use Stage a couple of, EMR usability is all of a sudden all the talk–and in respect to a different group of industry insiders, one of the greatest concern is definitely errors.

The problem? Medical professionals are worried that that they can might select a great EMR that turns out to be hard to work with. That, in turn, could decrease time period physicians spend with people. As a result, medical professionals get frustrated and might rush–and that can cause problems.

“I think it’s a good step for ONC to start out pushing the distributors in the direction of more user-friendly devices, ” claims Robert Tennant, senior policy advisor intended for the Medical Group Managing Association (MGMA).

How exactly does gloStream’s flagship product–gloEMR–stack up? really based on Microsoft Business office technology, most physicians know how to operate this. Top that off with an user-friendly dashboard, and you have one of the workable EMRs on the marketplace.

gloEMR also answers an additional usability common concern: teaching. gloStream uses an revolutionary implementation process called gloStream Detailed Needs Analysis, or perhaps gloDNA. During this method, gloStream gathers information to help create a perfect EMR solution and help methods get back to whole patient load within 12-15 days. It’s an ensure.

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