How Your Business Can Benefit From Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

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Advanced threat protection at LG Networks

Traditional anti virus and package is dated approach to protect against cyber attack in the modern world. Modern cyber attack leverage multiple attack vectors and techniques that beyond traditional antivirus package protection that work in the past. Modern world is all about leveraging Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). There are many benefits of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in a software solution. The primary benefit offered by advanced threat protection software is the ability to prevent, detect, and respond to new and sophisticated attacks that are designed to circumvent traditional security solutions such as antivirus, firewalls, and IPS/IDS. Attacks continue to become increasingly targeted, stealthy, and persistent, and ATP solutions take a proactive approach to security by identifying and eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP Benefits):

  • Detect threats fast with behavioral analytics– proprietary algorithm pinpoints suspicious activities in your systems
  • Adapt as fast as your attackers- adjusts to reflect the changes in rapidly-evolving enterprises by continuously-learning behavioral analytics
  • Focus on only important events- determines important events worth focusing on and investigating, based on a timeline
  • Reduce false positive fatigue- filters and receives receipts only after suspicious activity is contextually aggregated and verified
  • Prioritize and plan– provides recommendations for investigation and remediation for each suspicious activity
  • Continuous Updates – Learn what’s new with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Advanced threat protection screenshot - LG Networks

Enterprises that implement advanced threat protection (ATP) are better able to detect threats early and more quickly formulate a response to minimize damage and recover should an attack occur. A good security provider will focus on the lifecycle of an attack and manage threats in real-time, ie in more systematic and holistic manner base on modern evolution of the cyber attack. ATP providers notify the enterprise of attacks that have occurred, the severity of the attack, and the response that was initiated to stop the threat in its tracks or minimize data loss. Whether managed in-house or provided as a service, advanced threat protection (ATP) solutions secure critical data and systems, no matter where the attack originates or how major the attack or potential attack is perceived.

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